Winter Listings

winter real estate listings

Winter isn’t here yet, but we know it’s on the way. Those who choose to live in Whitehorse expect to see snow, so don’t be worried about putting your home on the market during winter months. There is still an active real estate market in the winter months, and online listings can still provide a great first impression of your home. Here are a few more tips for making the most of your winter listing.

1. Showcasing the outdoor features of your home can be more challenging in winter months so if you’re considering putting your home on the market you can plan ahead by taking photos before any long term weather changes happen. If you’ve done a fabulous job of landscaping your property, it will be hard to appreciate that when your yard is covered in snow.

2. If you have outdoor pets, ensure that they are properly restrained before viewers arrive. Not everyone appreciates the exhuberance of a friendly canine, especially one they’ve never met. If they’re indoor pets, take the time to regularly freshen the areas where they sleep so that odours are kept to a minimum.

3. Make it as easy as possible for people to find and access your home during the winter months. That will mean keeping the walkways and driveway cleared, and minimizing the risks associated with icy conditions. Don’t be disappointed if shoowings have to get rescheduled due to weather conditions.

4. When viewers come to view your home they’ll be coming in from the cold, and dressed for it. You can make the viewing experience more pleasant by lowering your home thermostat an hour before they arrive.

5. Make sure your home is as well lit as possible by turning on all of the lights prior to a showing. First impressions are powerful, and being able to easily move from room to room will create a positive feeling of ease and relaxation.

6. Plan ahead for the indoor traffic flow by placing an absorbant floor mat by the door to protect the flooring in your entry way. Provide an area for people to comfortably remove their boots, and hang up their jackets. You don’t want their first impression to be wet socks and a front closet exploding with hats and scarves.

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