Chris MegerMeet Chris Meger:

Q: Where are you from originally and what do you enjoy about selling real estate?
A: I grew up in Selkirk, Manitoba and have always been drawn to new adventures. Since I started to walk, my childhood has involved hunting, fishing, paddling, camping, baseball, golf, and any other outdoor adventure I could find. The first job I had that really fuelled my passion was as a hunting and fishing guide. What I didn’t realize at the time, was that it also helped to fuel another passion: being in a position to help people access the opportunities that make them feel fulfilled.

Q: What has attracted you to Whitehorse?
A: In 2006 I was hired by one of the largest independently owned occupational health and safety training companies in Northern Canada. I was hired as an instructor for an emergency response based training that included multiple technical rescue courses, first-aid, and survival skills in some of the most inhospitable places on earth. What I also found (quite accidentally) was one of the most hospitable places on earth and the people who live in the North.

Q: What advantages do you offer to those looking to buy or sell property in the Yukon?
A: Sound information leads to informed decisions, so if people are thinking of buying or selling Yukon real estate, I think that having access to the best information leads to making the best choices. We are very enthusiastic about making that information accessible, and getting our clients the best exposure possible for their listings, well beyond the usual MLS approach. For those looking to buy property in the area, our knowledge of the area can help match you the community you’re looking for. For those selling property, we make detailed recommendations that make a real difference not only to the appeal, but to the actual value of your home.

Q: What makes living in the Yukon appealing to you?
A: I’m an avid outdoor enthusiast so having such easy access to world class hiking, fishing, skiing, and exploration possibilities is an amazing lifestyle. There is a pristine wilderness literally at our back door, so anyone who loves the great outdoors will be amazed at the accessibility available here.

Dana KlockMeet Dana Klock:

Q: Where are you originally from and how long have you lived in Whitehorse?
A: I’m originally from Regina, Saskatchewan and moved to Whitehorse in 1997.

Q: What made you decide to stay and buy a home in Whitehorse?
A: To us, Whitehorse feels like a “best kept secret”. We just fell in love with everything the area has to offer: Natural beauty, year round family recreational opportunities, and a relaxed lifestyle you don’t expect to find in a city. The Whitehorse community really pulls together to support each other when people go through a personal crisis, and once you experience that kind of genuine caring, it’s hard to imagine raising a family anywhere else.

Q: What attracted you to selling Yukon real estate?
A: I have a background in finance and worked with Scotia Bank for 10 years. I have an outgoing personality and I realized how much I really enjoyed helping people to achieve their goals to buy a home. My background in mortgages is a helpful resource for our clients and my goal is always to facilitate a smooth transaction that provides satisfaction for both the buyer and seller. I started selling real estate in 2008, and feel it was one of the best choices I’ve ever made.

Q: What sort of activities do you enjoy in Whitehorse?
A: Our family loves skiing, skidooing and tobogganing in the winter and summer camping, boating, and fishing. We get to share a lot of quality time together without having to travel very far.

Q: How do you think surprises people who come to Whitehorse?
A: Whitehorse has a real small town personality yet has some world class facilities. There is less of a demand for instant gratification which can be very refreshing. Due to transportation costs it doesn’t attract some of the national retail brands you find in other cities, but it’s not as isolated as people expect. The Canada Games Centre is a state of the art recreation centre that attracts Olympic athletes to the area and offers amazing opportunities for the local population.

Q: What kind of community involvement do you enjoy?
A: Like most people in Whitehorse, there is a real commitment to giving back. I was involved with the Whitehorse Hockey Association and volunteer in the community when and where I can.

Dave Pearson - Urban Realty GroupMeet Dave Pearson:

Q: How long have you been a resident of Yukon?
A: I’ve enjoyed living in the Yukon for close to 50 years, and have spent more than 30 years in business management/ownership in several different business sectors. My history in Yukon allows me to provide a lot of background information for people who are interested in moving to Whitehorse.

Q: What unique skills to do you bring to your clients?
A: People who know me say I am a “people” person and I love humour and to socialize, which I always hope will bring out the best in people including myself. I have a Bachelor of Commerce degree with a major in Marketing and significant experience in the local business community which always comes in useful in the real estate world. Having raised my family in the Yukon, personally involved in many recreational aspects of my kids’ lives, as a coach and/or volunteer, I feel that when clients do want to sit down and talk seriously about buying a house or selling their home, I feel they can feel more relaxed and confident that I have personal knowledge and experience of what they might be going through as if they are working with a friend who understands the North and has their best interests in mind.

Q: What do you think attracts people to buy property in Whitehorse?
A: There is literally something for everyone here. For outdoor recreation, the fishing, hunting, and wildlife viewing opportunities are amazing. There are still many pristine places to experience on a daily basis in the Yukon and the photography opportunities are endless. People don’t just buy a property in Whitehorse, they also buy into a very unique lifestyle.

Q: How would you describe the community in Whitehorse? What makes it unique?
A: The people in the North are its most valuable resource, whom I would describe as happy, positive, and incredibly welcoming. I find the people of the North to be very aware, resilient, and genuinely interested in introducing new people to the community. Many of our youth graduates receive post secondary funding to travel to larger cities for their education. What’s unique is that many of them are returning to Whitehorse when they’ve completed their university degrees or trade certifications to reinvest in their home community. The sense of pride in our community is a continuous inspiration to me.

Q: What do you enjoy about selling Yukon real estate?
A: I really love the challenge of matching people’s different preferences and requirements with properties that are available in the area. I enjoy knowing that by helping people to find a home here, I am facilitating what will most likely be a very positive experience for people. Even if they decide not to stay for a lifetime, the years they spend in the North will be a very rich part of their personal experience.

Q: What might surprise people who are new to the Whitehorse area?
A: We are only 90 minutes away from the Alaskan coast and the Pacific Ocean, subsequently the average winter temperature is -15C, which is colder than southern areas of Canada, but not as restrictive as other areas in the north, plenty of play and adventure can still be experienced ! The Yukon’s summers are amazing, sunlight from early in the day to late at night, you can tee off somedays as late as 6pm and still finish your round of golf ! The Yukon can be a bountiful place to find a career opportunity, and people are often surprised at how much easier it is to find a work/life balance when you remove the daily commuting that is so typical in other cities. It’s only a 2 hour flight to 3 major cities in Western Canada so you can really experience the best of both worlds.