Moving Tips – 6 Ideas for Smoother Packing

Moving is a big job and if you’re lucky you have people offering to help. The right pre-planning can make things go smoother and can actually make it easier for your helpers to pitch in to get the job done. If you have a move coming up, consider these 6 tips for packing smart and delegating the work.

Weight! There’s more!

Be sure to pack your heavy items at the bottom of the box. It’s a good idea to use small boxes for heavy items and to mark them with a bright coloured sticker so that the boxes will be loaded onto the moving truck accordingly. If you can pack heavy boxes closer to the front of the truck, your load will have better balance and a smoother ride.

Where did I pack the…

If you pack your boxes by room you can keep similar items together. Chances are you remember where you used to look for things, so unpacking boxes by room will help narrow down the search when you’re looking for items. It also makes it easier for your helpers to pitch in if they know they can focus on one room at a time.

Advance Planning

Think of what you’ll need to access first when you get to your new home and mark those boxes as “last to load” for easy access later. That way you easily unload them first to have all the essentials in one place.

Impulse Packing

If you can, try to finish all of the packing before the day of the actual move. That’ll let you avoid impulse packing, and adding things randomly into boxes. It’ll also let you get a good rest so you can focus on moving boxes not filling them to help reduce stress.

Multi Size Approach

Choose a variety of box sizes so that you can pack your load more securely. Larger boxes are great for lighter items, or to place smaller boxes inside to save on packing chips and extra filler.

Put it in writing

Label your boxes clearly listing key items, the room you want to box to go to, which side is up, whether the items are fragile and whether or not it’s heavy. The advantage of a good labeling system is that it will make it easier for your helpers to be actually be helpful. They’ll know exactly which person should be moving the box and where it’s going.

If you’re planning a move to or from the Whitehorse area, here are some companies that can help you get your belongings from Point A to Point B.