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Karol Campbell has called Whitehorse home since 1980. As part of a family run business in Whitehorse since 1982, and having raised three sons here, Karol knows firsthand what wonderful opportunities there are in our beautiful city. As part of the Hockey and Soccer Associations in past years, Karol developed sharp organizational and listening skills. Karol’s interest in the real estate market combined with an interest in matching families with homes lead to a Real estate career.
Karol has been a licensed Real Estate Sales person since 2002, and specializes in residential real estate. Either purchasing or selling can be one of the more emotional experiences in your life. It would be her pleasure to guide you through the process. Karol is thorough, straight to the point and pays great attention to the smallest details. Her goal is to assist you in making the experience as efficient as possible in the shortest amount of time with least amount of stress. Allow Karol to take care of all the details.

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