Dave Pearson | Broker-Owner

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"People don’t just buy a property in Whitehorse, they also buy into a unique lifestyle."

-- Dave Pearson

Dave Pearson is a long-standing Yukon resident with more than 30 years in business management/ownership in several different business sectors and a knack for interpersonal skills. He has a Bachelor of Commerce degree with a major in Marketing and significant experience in the local business community, which is especially valuable for the business of real estate. As a REALTOR®, he really loves the challenge of matching people’s different preferences and requirements with properties that are available in the area and enjoys knowing that by helping people to find a home in the Yukon, he's facilitating what will most likely be a very positive experience for them. Even if they decide not to stay for a lifetime, the years they spend in the North will be a very rich part of their personal experience.

Dave really cares about his clients and makes them feel as if they are working with a friend who understands the North and has their best interests in mind. He believes the people in the North are Whitehorse's most valuable resource, describing them as happy, positive, incredibly welcoming, very aware, resilient, and genuinely interested in introducing new people to the community. Dave believes there is literally something for everyone in Whitehorse. He mentions people are often surprised at how much easier it is to find a work/life balance when you remove the daily commuting that is so typical in other cities. "It’s only a 2 hour flight to 3 major cities in Western Canada, so you can really experience the best of both worlds," he says.

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