Dana Klock | Broker-Owner

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"Whitehorse feels like a best-kept secret"

-- Dana Klock

Dana Klock worked with Scotiabank for 10 years, has a background in finance, and an outgoing personality. As a REALTOR®, her background in mortgages is a helpful resource for her clients. She aims to always facilitate a smooth transaction that provides satisfaction for both the buyer and seller. She started selling real estate in 2008 and feels like it's one of the best choices she's ever made.

She instantly fell in love with everything Whitehorse has to offer: natural beauty, year round family recreational opportunities, and a relaxed lifestyle that's hardly found in a city. According to Dana, a strong sense of community is one of the most valuable qualities about Whitehorse; the community really pulls together to support each other when people go through a personal crisis. "Once you experience that kind of genuine caring," she says, "it’s hard to imagine raising a family anywhere else."

Fox Haven
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